Mike Medina Bio


    At the age of fourteen Mike Medina first picked up a microphone at a back yard party for a group of High School seniors and had them all throwing their hands in the air and rocked the mic like he’d been doing it for years. After that moment he would continue to get on the mic any chance he got and kept getting better and better. There are those who have a natural ability for certain things and talking on the mic in front of crowds is Mike Medina’s.

    That same year, Mike would first put his hands on a set of turntables and that would plant the seed to directing Mike towards his life long career in the radio and entertainment industry. He would use his talents to throw back yard parties and pack crowds at nightclubs. During those years Mike Medina would gain extensive knowledge to a wide range of music. Mike would also gain a major understanding of what it takes to have a great party and why your Dj plays an important role in the success your event.

    At the age of 21 Mike Medina got his first radio job at local radio station 991 KGGI in the promotions department. Six months later he found himself producing the morning show doing voices and producing segments to be played on the air. Hosting nightclubs introducing artists at concerts were part of the job and came very natural for Medina. Not long after, Mike Medina had his own program hosting the Love Zone, which was a dedication show. From there, the after-noon show would be his home for a brief moment and finally the mid-day shift would be Mike’s slot until leaving after a total of twelve years of employment with 991 KGGI.

    During those years at 991 Mike Medina would be hired by listeners to Dj various events such as weddings, social gatherings, company parties and anything that needed a Dj or MC. Starting an entertainment company would only be the natural thing to do. Mike takes everything he’s learned from working in the radio industry and incorporates it into his company Mike Medina Entertainment.

“I love what I do and can’t see myself doing anything else”, says Mike Medina.